Workout Log 3 & 4! ♥

Hey lovelies! I couldn't upload yesterday's workout so I will combine the one from yesterday with today's! I have been really having fun posting these, as I feel more motivating since I have to post about it! I really encourage each an everyone of you to start taking even if it's just a little bit of your time to workout. I have been doing it nonstop for two weeks and I've noticed a huge difference already, not only on my strength and endurance, but also on my mood! Releasing endorphin as I'm (sure most of you know) makes you happier and who doesn't want to be uplifted! Also, I have been drinking lots of more water because of all the workouts, so that has also made my skin feel and look a lot better! I totally feel much, much better overall! I've been doing around an hour each day but only like half hour of high intensity and then the other half just focusing on relaxing, stretching, and having fun!

This is what I did yesterday:
  • Insanity Max 30: Tabata Power - 30 minutes
  • Stretching and meditating - 15 minutes
  • Yoga for Stress Relief - 5 minutes (there's a longer one if you want more of this awesomeness!)
I skipped Insanity Max 30 today because I wanted to go to the gym instead! Then tomorrow that is supposed to be rest day, I will be doing "Friday Fight Rounds" which was today's workout.

This was today's gym workout: I went a little overboard since I was so excited to be back at the gym!
  • Run on Treadmill 5.4 miles- 65 minutes
  • Elliptical on highest level- 10 minutes
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch- 10 minutes
My goal is to run at least 6 miles without dying!
Today was amazing, but my feet are killing me!

Let me know what are your favorite motivational quotes! The one I posted by Venus Williams is one of my favorites! Also, tell me all about your workouts, and if you are not currently doing it, please join me! A couple of months from now, you'll be glad you started in the first place! :)

With lots of love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡

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