The Perfect Morning ♡

Hey lovelies! I hope you are all having a great start of this week. I am currently on my last week of my senior year in college...Finals week! AH! Although it's nice to be almost done, it is the most stressful week of the whole semester. As I was thinking about what I wanted to share next, the first thing that got into my head was "How to have the perfect morning!" I don't know about you guys but, I like to think of each morning as a new beginning and a fresh start. If I can manage to have a satisfying start, then I guess it helps me look forward to the rest of the day with a positive mind. 

So how do I plan a "perfect" morning? 

1) Wake Up Early!
I like to wake up before everyone else in my house to have some Me Time. For this to happen I have to go to sleep early, which isn't a problem for me because I am a 22 year old girl with the mental clock of a granny! Just as the clock hits 9 pm, I am yawning all the way and already with my pajamas on! Are any of you like this as well? That would be a very funny topic to discuss on the comment section! 

2) I need to HAVE COFFEE!! 
Oh my goodness, coffee. If I wake up in the morning and for some reason I do not have coffee or milk to put on it, trust me, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near me. Alright I'm being a little bit dramatic, but it is a nightmare for me. I'll have the worst headache and no energy whatsoever. So just like some say: Yes, but coffee first please! 

3) Doggy Cuddles
Once I've had my coffee, my dog Koko has probably woken up, so I take him out and then have a little cuddle with him on the sofa. I really enjoy my alone time with him. 

4) Organize my Agenda
This is a bit new to me and I am trying really hard to make out of it a little routine.To train myself I have been writing little "to do lists" the night before and read them in the morning while maybe adding other details to know whats ahead of me for that day. I think having a mental picture of what your day will look like is always really nice!

5) Have a healthy breakfast
Even though I am never hungry when I wake up, I try to always eat something healthy. I really love having a bowl of fruit with granola, honey, and yogurt...YUM!  What do you guys like to eat in the morning, I would love to know! :)

6) Workout
I haven't personally been doing this, but it's something I really want to incorporate into my morning routine. If I workout, usually it's after college, but I've read it's a lot better to do it in the morning & I think it would make my day way better.

7) Get pretty for the day ahead!
I always like to brush my messy hair and do something nice to it! I don't always wear makeup for college but sometimes I do like to put on a little. I usually go for some BB cream, powder, shadow and pinky nude lipstick. 
*At the end of the month, I will be sharing my favorites, so I'll include my go to beauty items! :)

8) Organize bag!
I make sure I have everything I'll be needing on it! Also, take out what I don't need so that it's less heavy and easy on the eyes and mind! :)

9) Enjoy your ride on the car
Most people have a hard time in the morning because of the traffic, time rush, etc. I get it, but for that I try to get out of the house fast (preparing the night before helps a lot). Put on some light, relaxing music and drive safely!

10) Get to your destination early!
There's nothing worse than to start things off by being late class. So I get there early, find a seat upfront and have a little talk with my friends til' it's time to focus!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! Try them, as they only take a few minutes but make an extraordinary difference! Let me know what you think and what you would like to read about next! xx

With love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. I must admit I'm not really a morning person but ...doggy cuddles are indeed a must! As well as a healthy breakfast and workout! Loved your post!

    1. Aww! My doggy isn't a morning dog... he wakes up because of the noise I make! haha
      Thank you so much for reading! xx

  2. Sounds like the perfect morning, I don't workout in the morning either (there's just no time) but I do wish I could!
    Doggy cuddles? I usually get woken up by a whirlwind of a puppy licking my face!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

    1. I am really going to make an effort! I even want to make a "lets workout together" challenge for my readers and I! Maybe I will! xx

  3. This is awesome! Love your blog gorgeous!! Keep bein your beautiful self xoxox

    1. Thank you so much for reading Lois! :) It's unbelievably rewarding knowing that I'm writing something with my heart and soul and my readers are liking it! xx

    2. No worries at all gurl!! And keep writing with your heart and soul!! It's amazing to read and you're an incredible person,so keep doing you! xxxx

  4. cute post! Hope your finals go well. I always need coffee in the morning, I can't function without it! would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you so much for reading! It was so nice to read this right now because I'm actually having coffee and studying for my hardest final, which I will take in 2 hours!! I will definitely check your blog out! xx

  5. heeey! hope you have a great day! do you want to follow each other via bloglovin? if yes, just follow me there and i'll follow you back soon!

  6. Thanks so much for following me on Bloglovin! I already followed you back as a support to each other! Really nice to meet you!
    Going to follow you on other social media, hope you can follow me back too! :)


    1. Thank you so much! Lets keep in touch! xx

  7. The morning is my absolute favourite part of the day! I love getting up early as well :) xx

    1. Mine too! Getting up early makes you feel way more productive and happy! xx