Expectations vs. Reality: Instagram and YouTube Fame ♥

I think by now everyone can conclude that today's society is completely immersed in an online world. It's normal for us to go anywhere, even to a restaurant to eat, and see people just staring at their phones while the person in front of them is probably doing the same. The other day when I  check my battery settings on my phones to see how much time of my day I spent on social media or Instagram and YouTube, I was completely shocked! It's like instead of living in the present and in our actual world, we live online. Not that there is anything wrong with socializing and having fun online, but when it keeps you from talking to the ones who are right next to you, it's definitely too much. I have a bunch of people who I admire and always watch their content online, but I have made it my goal to back away a little from looking at what others do online and focus on actually living...on spending time with my loved ones and building my own dream future and life.

I can't help but bring up Essena Oneill in this post, because what she has done is completely admirable in my own opinion. Yes, it has been very controversial, and people will talk and express their opinions that might differ from mine but... at least she brought up an important subject to discuss. For those that don't know who she is, Essena was an Instagram famous girl who many looked up to for her amazing looks, perfect body and incredible pictures. She had thousands of followers and was starting her modeling career that seemed to be very promising, but she gave it all up. She was not happy and despite all her fame, she didn't feel real. So she changed all of her captions on her photos to actual truths, and what was behind every picture. This went basically viral, and it raised up a very important conversation. Many of us think that YouTubers & Instagrammers are what they portray on their videos or pictures. And while yes, they might be very real on their videos... it's just a couple of minutes of their day! While they may take amazing pictures with perfect skin and body...we don't know what's behind all of that, and no one's life (no matter how perfect it seems) is perfect. Nice quality lenses and cameras/ filters on photos can do all the difference!

With that being said, I absolutely love the videos,the pictures and all of it! I support it and admire it a lot. But I don't want to ever think that because I might not be doing what is shown on videos or pictures, my life is not as good as can be. I think all of us should be real and have real standards! Have real goals and work very, very hard until we accomplish what we want in life. If you want to be famous online, work hard to put up great content that you enjoy! If you don't get as many views as you'd like, that is okay! I bet all of the one's who are famous now, once felt the exact same way. But no one life fake, no one likes people who are obviously trying too hard to be famous while hating what they are doing. Real is always best.

Also, what is up with online bullies? It sometimes makes me so sad to see people putting other person's work down. Constructive criticism is always nice, but just pure mean comments on other people's pages... it's just wrong. I have never experienced this personally (and hope that I never do) but still makes me sad that others have to go through that. Let's all be kind to one another. Let's support what we like and admire.


Let me know your own thoughts on social media behavior and how it's taken over our society. :)

With love, 


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. Wonderfully written! Such a great post. I love seeing others Instagram, and I know that a lot of the pictures are stylized etc. but still so much fun

  2. Brilliant post Nikole! :) I love the positive message you put out there. :) I must admit that it irritates me to no end when I go out with someone and the whole time they are on their phone or tablet checking stuff... I think we need to learn restraint when it comes to being online all day. Wow, that girl was extremely brave for what she did I must say.


  3. I think balance is key. You have to be present in the moment to live a fulfilled life, otherwise you will have nothing left to share with others ;)

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