Survival Guide for Long Distance Relationships ♥

Long distance can sometimes be a make-it-or-break-it deal for a relationship. A lot of people believe they never work, or that it's not worth going through all the  pain that comes with it when there are "tons of fish in the water." But, what if you have met the person you absolutely know you want to have a future with and HAVE to be away from each other for a while? I can tell you from personal experience that while it's one of the hardest things me and my fiancé have had to go through, it has been possible and quite amazing for both of us. So for those that are going through the same right now, I wanted to share a couple of "survival tips" to keep the love alive even when there are many many miles between you two. 

1. Listen to your partner. When it comes to what other people have to say, "eat the fish and spill the bones", meaning that you can listen to what they have to say, but you and your partner are the only ones who truly know what you are both capable of doing so be very careful how deep you take people's opinions. Discuss anything/everything with your loved one and avoid going to a whole bunch of other people with your concerns or thoughts, as they may make it a bit worse. Listen to their advices (eat the fish), but know what you want to apply and what you don't (spill the bones).

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate- I cannot say this enough. While many phone calls may be about how your day went, or the new things you are learning while the other is away, make sure you take the time to truly talk with your partner. The small talk is always nice because of course you want to know what's going on on their day to day, but keep in mind that small talks do very little to "keep the love alive." Express your feelings, tell him/her how much you miss them (without getting too sad) and talk about the things that truly matter. 

3. Pick your battles- Fights are always hard on any relationship, but when you can't see each other and "kiss it off"... they can be 10x worse. So be mindful about what you argue about. If something is bothering you, say it calmly first. If you can't help but be mad, try taking a breather and call back when you feel better. Of course, at some point you will have to argue, but don't go to sleep mad and make sure you understand each other's side. 

**GIRLS, if you are currently going through those tough monthly days, please know that while it seems that your boyfriend is the most annoying person alive, those are your hormones acting up (or atleast try to convice yourself it's the hormones). 

4. Have Skype dates. Get creative and make a BIG deal about setting up romantic skype dates with your loved one. If you can't have him/her in person, at least you got skype so make the most out of it! It's not the same of course, but when you haven't seen him/her for so long, taking the time to see that beautiful face that makes your heart beat fast (even if it's on camera) is the best thing ever. 

5. Send each other letters/unexpected gifts. Picture this: you are missing your loved one and your heart is aching a bit, but then the mail comes and delivers a little letter from him/her... you see their handwritting and beautiful thoughts they took the time to write. AW! It makes it all worth it! 

6. Find hobbies to do together. A fun one I can think of (and will do) is: buy a camera and take a bunch of pictures to the places you go (and of yourself) and then send the camera to your loved one so he does the same-- like the jeans on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but instead being The Camera of the..... ugh, nevermind! HAHA (oh my goodness this made me giggle so much)

7. Try your hardest to GO visit each other. Save money between the two of you and make it a priority to travel & see each other as much as it possible. Make a little jar or set aside a bit of money into another bank account just for that. Whenever possible, take a few days off and hop on a plane! 

So there are MY tips! Please share your thoughts on the comment section below, I love interacting with you! Let me know: would you consider having a long distance relationship if you had to? How would you cope with it? Follow me on Twitter !! ♥

With lots of love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡

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  1. The only long distance relationship I ever had was back in the days before the Internet was easily accessible, and when Skype and even SMS weren't a thing, so it was all down to (very expensive) phone calls and handwritten letters that took more than a week to be delivered. I was 18 then, and it didn't work out.
    I guess these days things are a lot easier. If they ever are.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking