The Adventure Begins: Texas here I come! ♥

Hey lovelies! Happy early 4th of July! I wanted to share with you guys how I've prepared for my upcoming trip and how I am planning to cope with my anxiety before and during the flight! I had never been scared of planes before, but as my anxiety reached its peak point I suddenly was afraid of them, and even though I am doing a lot better, I haven't really traveled after that. Nonetheless, it is the first time I'll be traveling with my boyfriend and I want to enjoy every second of my holiday vacations with him! So here's what I have been doing to minimize the tension and pre-flight anxiety:

1. Eating Healthy

  • I have read more than a million times that having a good nutrition is very important for controlling anxiety/panic disorders and for your overall well-being. So I have incorporated lots of fruits and veggies to my diet lately and made sure I cut down on the sweets. Instead of eating cookies or icecream (which are my go to sugary pleasures), I have discovered Yogen Fruz, which is a lot healthier than ice cream and I can add fruits on top! YUM! Also, I haven't been having 3 big meals, but instead I have had 3 smaller meals and 2 snacks during the day. 
  • Additionally, I have been drinking lot and lots of water to keep hydrated (as I have realized it actually helps me calm down) and I have been having low-calorie protein shakes after my workouts.
2. Daily Work-Outs!
  • I mentioned in another post that I would write all about my workouts, but here's a little sneak peek! For the past month and a half, I have tried as best as possible to workout every single day or at least 5 times a week.  I have mixed it up a bunch and will post all about that but here's what I have done during the past two weeks:
            • Insanity Max 30
              • I have used this for 30 minutes of very intense cardio and strengthening! I have loved it and seen results in my overall physical condition. I have felt the burn like never before!
            • Tone it up workouts
              • After I'm done with the incredible Shaun T, I am ready to slow it down (while still toning) with Karena and Katrina. The thing I love most about these workouts and why I am hooked on them is because of the scenes during their workouts (they are mostly filmed at the beach!) and I completely transport myself to the beach as well while doing them and it completely relaxes me! Also, they make me feel like I have to girly best friends to workout with! They also use dumbbells and I feel those help a lot to tone my arms and shoulders. Lastly, they have amazing stretching routines that completely finish me up!
            • Basketball games!
              • Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVE the NBA games...but as far as my game skills go: I suck! My boyfriend is trying to teach me and we do different exercises and techniques around the court! It must be hilarious to watch me follow him around.
3. Meditating 
  • Every night I use an app called Calm that gives you a meditation guidance! I am definitely new to meditation but I find it very beneficial as it helps me change my perspectives and mentality about things that are not supposed to make me anxious...and even if its for ten minutes I forget everything that happened during the day or what I might go through when I wake up the next day. Meditation is all about grounding you right in the present, being aware of where you are at that precise moment and just letting go of anything making you tense! I usually listen to the guide with some rain sounds in the background and I cannot tell you guys how amazing and relaxing it feels! After the meditated guidance is over, I usually leave the rain sounds set up for 15 more minutes with the timer on the app and by then I've usually fallen asleep. 
4. Praying
  • I find that praying is the best way for me to let go of all my worries. I make sure that God hears my worries and trust he will make me feel better and help me calm down. Reading my favorite bible verses and writing them down helps me a lot also! I enjoy my quite time with God and even though I don't expect my anxiety to go away immediately, I'm sure what I have gone through, I have because He has a bigger purpose in all of this. I know it sucks, but if it will be a growing experience and I might be able to help others in His name, then it's all worth it! 
5. Music Playlists
  • Music is everything. I have created a bunch of playlists on my Spotify for every possible mood I might be in! I feel like music really has the potential of changing ones mood! I have really focused on finding songs that instantly make me feel strong and happy to put them all on a playlist and play them when I'm feeling panicky! 
6. Reading self-help books
  • I have started reading this book called Overcoming Panic that has really, really helped me! I am not done reading as I want to finish it while on the plane, but I will for sure give you guys a review on it when I'm done! So far, I've been loving it! 
That is a summary of what I've been doing to prepare for this challenge! I will still posted and let you know how I did and if it all worked! :)

Also, I have set up an instagram and will post lots of holiday photos, so check them out if you are interested! I've never been to Texas, have any of you been there? If you have, tell me about places I should go to while being there! ♥

With love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. I don't personally know about anxiety but eating whole foods & lots of fruits & vegetables has made me feel better from the inside out. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. I hope these steps will help you out before your upcoming adventure love! xxxxx

  3. I wish you all the best in your trip. It sounds like you are starting off the right way with a plan. I may not deal with anxiety, but I could definitely use all your tips above in my life especially 1-6... :) Saving this post to go back to.