Keeping up with an ever-changing life! ♥

Hey lovelies! Lately, I've been having a lot on my mind that has been keeping me up at night and distracted during the day. I won't bother with the details but the thing is, it got me thinking about adaptation and changes. I have always considered myself a "nomad" as I have never really had one particular place to call home or a particular country that I feel is where I'm from. My family and I have lived in about 9 different places that I can recall (for no particular reason), but I don't know it's just how it has always been, one day we lived somewhere and life just moved us out from there and onto the next. I was pretty good at changing and adapting to new places, people and environments. Personally, I have loved this about my life...but as I am getting older, changes are beginning to make me a bit nervous. Changes involve challenges and challenges involve expectation and expectations make me anxious. For example, over the past few day I have been expecting myself to be okay about the changes coming up, and have been getting mad at myself for being nervous. But today as I was thinking about all of this, I realized how I am truly my worst enemy, how i need to put a stop to my self-judging mind and only let positive thoughts keep me up at night.

Okay so I WANT to stop worrying and start doing, but I mentioned I was distracted & hence have completely let all my work pile up! So, how on earth do I focus now? I have been so distracted and have found it completely impossible to get things done and fast! Have any of you ever felt this way? How do you motivate yourself to get things done? What if you have to be on the computer, how do you not let the internet distract you? HELP! :)

I will appreciate any tips and helpful/supportive comments! I will keep you guys posted and share the tips that work for me if I ever find them! ♥

With lots of love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not in the greatest frame at the moment Nikky. I wish I knew how to help. The internet can be a massive distraction. Sometimes I just plug the cable out and try listen to calming music, just to try keep me calm and grounded. Maybe you can give it a try. Good luck! :)

    1. Thank you Catherine! I'm really trying my best to put my work as my priority and focus. I will try calming music for sure! ♥ xx