Autumn Favorites! ♥

Long time no see lovelies! Today I wanted to talk to you all about my favorites throughout the month of September & what I'm looking forward the most during October! First things first, I wanted to apologize for my lack of posts and activity on this blog... I needed to center myself for a bit and find out exactly what I wanted to be able to come back and stay very motivated to create the best content I possibly could. I don't want to look at how many views I have or how many comments I get because I didn't start my blog for any of that in the first place. It is not in my intentions to make a living out of this, rather I just wanted this blog to be an outlet for me to express myself and share things I love with people who might enjoy the same things I do. A very exciting hobby. So now that I have put that out there, I can now write freely and without any type of pressure!

Now lets get to it! How in the world is it already October?! I am absolutely shocked but SO excited for all the holidays to come and season changes! This past month was a very interesting one for me. Lots of UPS and downs, but mostly UPS and lessons learned (which is the most important thing for me). I discovered a couple of things that will for sure stick with me for a while and wanted to share them with you! ♥


Maybelline's Super Stay Better Skin Foundation: This foundation is hands down one of the best ones I've ever tried for my skin! It says it's skin transforming, but to be honest I didn't buy it for this reason because I didn't really believe it. I have to admit how wrong I was for thinking it wouldn't do anything for my skin... it absolutely did! I remember I was having a hard time with my skin because it was getting dry and was breaking out (not a lot but more than usual for when I'm not on my lady days). I was looking for a high coverage foundation to cover my spots while they were there and found this one. It is very high coverage but feels like nothing! It did clear my spots quite well after using it for about a week and a half... I definitely could tell my skin was looking a lot better. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a nice foundation that's not pricey at all. The color Nude matches my skin tone perfectly and leaves a matte finish for quite a long time. I just can't say enough good things about it! Give it a try and let me know if you love it as much as I do.

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry #477: Vampy Season is HERE!!! I am all for dark mauve, red or wine lipsticks! I do wear them year round whenever I feel like I can pull it off but when September & October get here... I live in those types of colors. I wanted to get Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonbury lipstick but was quite hesitant about its price so I opted to wait and find a nice dupe for it! I feel Black Cherry is the drugstore version of Glastonbury! The color and effect is very, very similar and although it's not as long lasting... you do save yourself a lot of money. So for now, it'll do! :)

Maybelline's Color Sensational Lipstick in Lust for Blush # 665:  If you don't quite enjoy vampy colors on your lips, this is a very nice mauvy- toned lipstick for you! I have mentioned this before on other favorites but have to do it again because I still LOVE it (in fact I'm wearing it right now!). The color is absolutely gorgeous and it's very, very long lasting!


Microsoft Surface Tablet II: My sweet boyfriend got this tablet for me last month & I have complete fallen in love with it (I'm actually writing this on it right now!). I take it everywhere with me and has become part of my essentials for college and life in general. It's so fast, lightweight and practical... perfect for students and people on the go like me. It has kept me very organized and up to date with everything because I can literally do my work anywhere with it! I think out of all my favorites, this is my top one! :)


As you probably may know by now, I have suffered from anxiety for almost 15 years so relaxing and finding ways to help me cope with it is essential for my well-being. I have been doing a whole lot better and will write a post about all I've been doing very soon, but I did want to mention on my favorites one of the things I've done that has extremely helped me... Exercise! I have been going to the gym with my dad (who used to be a personal trainer) and have been doing cardio and weight lifting. I had never, ever lifted weights before and never thought I would but I absolutely love it. I have always done lots of cardio and it really seemed to help me as well but seeing my body get stronger somehow has had an amazing effect on my mental health as well. I don't do too much but am slowly increasing the weight I lift and it feels so good!

Also, taking a nice bubble bath with bath bombs is an absolute must for me on very stressful days and to finish everything up... a nice hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows and whipped cream! YUM!


Wildest Dreams - Taylor Swift: Alright, I am officially a Swiftie...(LOL) This song, oh my goodness, this song! I LOVE it! I think I have listened to it a billion time since she came out with the video and I first listened to it. I seriously cannot get tired of it...Huuu Uh Huuu! #TheSwiftEffect :)


I have really been enjoying keeping up with different bloggers over on Twitter! If you haven't already, follow me and let's keep in touch! :)

OH my goodness I almost forgot! THE SUPERMOON ECLIPSE!!! This night was probably one of my favorites last month! Me and my boyfriend used our new camera and spent the whole night taking pictures of the moon and the sky while drinking hot chocolate and wearing galaxy PJ's (me not him, LOL). I got really into the whole thing guys, don't judge me alright! :)

I think that is it for this last month's favorites! I hope you lovelies have enjoyed it and please let me know what you loved on September I would love to know! Also, leave any request you my want me to write about...I plan on posting lots this month and sharing a bit of my excitement and happiness with all of you! :)

With love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. loving your fav.
    I have the same lippy too which is one of my fav lately :)

  2. The Revlon lipstick looks so pretty and perfect for autumn! I love berry colours, that's the only kind of shade that I want to wear at the moment.
    You were so lucky to have been able to see the eclipse, your photo is actually amazing!

    Julia xx
    Check out my pink & glitter manicure:

  3. Yay you're back! It's such a detailed post about your faves, I can definitely tell that you've spent a lot of time into it! Heh that being said, I've been looking for the perfect fall colour lipstick and i'll definitely check out the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick! Thanks for sharing! :D

    xx Wendy