5 Things I Want to Make More Time For ♥

Hey lovelies! I want to first of all say I hope all of you had the best Christmas (if you celebrate) or any holiday for that matter! Up next: NEW YEARS! This time of year is my absolute favorite & so I am extra happy and excited for every little thing, feels SO nice. I haven't been blogging lately because I was focusing on finishing up my university and settle really important things for my career. But now that I officially have time for doing what I love, I am BACK! ♥ I am planning on posting on here every other day or atleast twice a week beginning in 2016, so I hope you get excited and join me on this journey! Now, lets get on with what this post will be really about! Since this year is just about over, I always get very hopeful about what is next and what I want to do to better myself for the future, so with this post I want to share with all of you...

The 5 things I want to make more time for:

1. Relaxing/Me Time

I have been quite good at this over the last few months (surprisingly during finals as well) but I really want to continue doing that throughout 2016. I have discussed before my best relaxation techniques but some of my absolute favorite are:
Working out - almost everyday for atleast 30 minutes.
Having baths- with lots of bubbles and my full on pampering regime. 
Going on walks with my puppy Koko- this time of year is especially nice because you get to see all the beautiful Christmas decorations and everything is lit up very, very nicely!
Watching YouTube videos that make me smile- Vlogmas videos are my absolute favorite year round (I love seeing everyone get all festive and excited for spending time with their loved ones ♥) & definitely pampering & planning routines!

2. Get Offline

As much as I love the internet (specially social media and YT), I also want to get offline more often than I already do for next year. Being online is very nice, specially when you get excited to read other people's blog posts, or watch their videos and catch up with everybody on social media, but  you can become too submerged into it and forget your own journey. I want to take a bit of time to be online, but the majority of my day/night, I want to be working on me.

3. Family Time

I have a small family with whom I'm extremely close with, but I want to make more time for those that are not as close or live far away. I want to be able to remember to send them letters, and make time for calling them and catching up. Family is important, and with today's hectic lifestyle, I feel like a lot of people forget to actually slowdown and care for the loved ones that you don't actually live with.

4. Reading

I LOVE reading, in fact I wish SO badly that I could start my own book club, so I definitely want to make that happen and read a whole lot more- atleast 2 books a month! I have so many books that I haven't been able to finish due to my busy schedule, and so I want to actually put more effort into reading!

5. Cooking Healthy Meals

I want to develop a meal plan and it as much home-made food as I possibly can even during very busy weeks! This is something that I should prioritize because I can definitely tell when my body is not very well nourished. In my house there is always home-made food as my mom cooks everyday, but it is actually when I'm off to university where I eat atleast two of my meals that I end up eating out!

There are so many more things that I can think of but I'll just leave it at five. Please share with me your five things you want to make more time for, I would love to read through them! Thank you for reading and I hope you join me on my new blogging schedule beginning next year!

Have a very happy rest of the holiday season! ♥

With love,


♡ Be Happy Always ♡


  1. Lovely post! It's nice to see you post again :) the last weeks of the year are always the busiest! I think I'll also try to get offline more in 2016 - it's just so hard sometimes to get off the laptop and the phone, but it is so relaxing to go for a walk instead or read a good book! So we definitely share this goal, hopefully we'll reach it :D

    Julia xx

    1. Yes!! Thank you Julia! I have been offline for a couple of day...and wow do I feel different! Have you done it? If not, try it! ♥ I am trying to find new books to read, are you reading anything good? :)