Coffee Break Talk: Life and Holiday Excitement!

Hey lovelies! I wanted to create this new section on my blog where I just sit down, have my coffee and write whatever has been on my mind this week! I am very excited about this because I always enjoy reading little relaxed posts, it calms me down and helps me feel happier no matter what! So here is my first one, I hope you enjoy! 

On my last post I shared with all of you that I am now engaged to my wonderful boyfriend (now fiance) whom I've dated for six years! I am still over the moon still and incredibly happy! I also mentioned he had to leave and move back to another state, and he did. We are making the best out of our long-distance relationship and I am doing way better that I thought I would.  A lot of you commented on that post and reassured me that everything was going to be okay and suggested things for me to do to cope with it. THANK YOU! I was so happy to read all of the comments, it really meant alot. 

I have been very busy over the past few weeks because I am finishing up my last semester at uni and so I've had a crazy amount of work to do, exams, oral presentations, etc.! I am planning on doing many things after I graduate in May and my life will for sure change quite a lot which I am incredibly excited for. One of the things I am most looking for is dedicating more time to this blog and hopefully starting a new business along with my graduate studies. I will for sure update you guys on all of it! Please send good vibes my way! :)

But most importantly the HOLIDAY season is almost here and it always gets me in the best mood possible! I am coming up with a bunch of festive posts ideas to write about and cannot wait to bring them to life! I already put up my Christmas tree and decorated the garden in my house with a bunch of colored christmas lights! I also make hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies whenever I can! Here are my Favorite Christmas Movies:

The Santa Claus (all of them but specially the first one)
The Polar Express
Arthurs Christmas
New Years Eve
Home Alone
Deck The Halls
And all of the Christmas Cartoon movies they always show on ABC Family 

        What are your favorite Christmas movies? Let me know so I can watch them all!

So that's it for today's Coffee Talk! Better get back to work! And by the way, I hope you love the new look of the Blog as much as I do! ♥

With love,

I want to start a Book Club! Would you guys be interested in joining in? #BloggingBookClub? Let me know, it would be SO Much Fun!!!! ♥


♡ Be Happy Always ♡

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  1. This is such a great idea for a post. I really enjoyed reading about your life :)