Workout Log 5 & A Little Motivation ♥

Hey lovelies! Yesterday was a very eventful day but I still managed to squeeze in my workout! Today was rest day so I didn't workout. I will be working out from Monday- Saturday and take Sunday to give my body a break! :)

Heres what I did yesterday:

Insanity Max 30: Friday Fight Round- 30 minutes
Stretching/ Meditating with the help of Adriene's from Yoga with Adrienne - 20 minutes.

The cardio done was INSANE, it's actually the hardest part of Insanity Max 30 for me. But you know what? It's actually my favorite because it really pushes you to the limit and your mind & body definetely battle with each other. Shaun T is an amazing physical trainer and I love what his workouts do to my body, but more than that I love what he is able to accomplish with my mind. There's something about being so, so tired and agitated from the cardio and having to convince your mind that you can keep going, that you won't quit, that you will get stronger, and you will get it DONE!

To me, these battle with my mind and gaining total control over what I accomplish is not only great for my body but also makes me realize I can use the same ideas and thoughts with my own life. If I want something I have to work HARD for it. If I want my mind to think a certain way I have to treat it with kindness but remembering that I control it, that I can convice myself that I am good enough and strong enough to go get what I want. It gets me really stoked and and very, very happy when I am done with my workouts! And after that, I feel I can take on the world!

I have been very busy with different goals I have to accomplish, and so that is why my posts have been a little shorter, but once I am a bit more relaxed and free, new things are coming (that I already have planned) and this blog will go next level! In fact, that's one of my other goals!

I wish to see more messages from you guys on the comment sections because it's what keeps me very motivated to keep going with my writing! I love feedback, and interactions with you guys. I want us to become friends and support each other! :)

Let me know how your week went, and how are you planning on making next week better than the last! Also, I have a little challenge for you guys: pick and share two songs that immediately put you in a happy mood and make you feel motivated. I will be collecting your favorites and sharing them all on a playlist for each and everyone of us to become happier, more motivated little humans!

Thank you for all the support and have a great rest of your day! ♥

With lots of love,

Photo is not my own, credit goes to pinterest.


♡ Be Happy Always ♡

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